Discover Hammam

Close to the frenetic rhythm of the city centre, you will find a place where space and time speak the ancient language of a thousand-years-old civilization: Hammam.

A dimension of absolute relaxation

Before entering leave everything behind you: watches, mobile phones, clothes and worries. Surrounded by an atmosphere made up of water, steam essences, perfumes and relaxation, you will surrender listening to your own body and soul, helped by the slow rhythm of water flowing all over your body.

The Turkish Bath

The Hammam is a journey into Islamic tradition and includes many rooms at different temperatures: the apodyterium (changing room), the tepidarium ( a room with a temperature of 30° - 35°) and the caldarium (the most humid room, with a temperature of 40° - 45°). There are also massage rooms and relaxation rooms. Our treatments include the steam bath with soaps from Morocco, exfoliating scrubs and the Jacuzzi. It is necessary to make a reservation for any kind of holistic, relaxing or strengthening massage, and also for an Oriental massage, treatment for your legs using essential oils and mint leaves. Outside the Hammam, the tearoom is always open, with its sofas and Moroccan tables, big silver trays and a wide range of teas, herbals teas, fine sugar and Arabian sweets.

Therapeutic indications

The Hammam is the right way to clean your skin from impurities, because sweating in the hot humid atmosphere of the caldarium helps remove residues and toxins. It is also useful for the nose and throat if you have the flu or a cold, as it makes your breathing easier. The Turkish Bath is not recommended for those people who suffer of hearth disease.

Discover Hammam